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Bleeding after fingering

Hi guys! I apologize if a post like this has already been submitted, but I didn't see one. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend scratched my perineum.

After a morning of rowdy foreplay and fingering, my vagina hurt. I suppose it's sort of my fault because I specifically asked for him to be a bit rougher with me but it hurts. He would plunge his fingers into me and I could feel him scratch the base of the vaginal opening at certain points when he went in with his finger.

The irritation is obnoxious and I am in general discomfort down there.

It hurts to wipe my vagina and, hours later, I found a spot of blood on the toilet paper.

The worst part is, it hurts to masturbate too; not during, but right after I orgasm. The pain is fairly acute.

Also, I am on Cryselle, birth control, and may have a Y.I. on top of everything.

Will it go away? What should I do to alleviate the irritation? Any advice for rough play that won't hurt the next day?

PS. Also, I am just curious, is it better to wipe up vaginal fluids right after you cum? Will lying next to your partner and not cleaning up for a while, but not more than an hour, make one more susceptible to Y.I. and U.T.I?
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