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follow-up to my Y.I. question and some other stuff

hey there i posted about a week ago asking about my symptoms which led me to believe i may have an exterior yeast infection. well, in the week after i posted some other stuff has gone on and as i ramble a lot, heres a cut.

EDIT!: thanks to all those who helped and gave me insight! just got back from the full exam...she just took a look and said 'yep looks like a Y.I." took a swab and told me to take the diflucan. hopefully this will clear it all up!

alright so i called my doc in the middle of last week asking if i needed an appointment to get this looked at (as i had never formally been diagnosed with a Y.I. but was experiencing itchiness and a very raw sad vagina). they said buy something OTC and see if that helped.

the next day i did, and for two days used the topical cream as well as the plunger to insert the stuff in me...did that for two nights (uughhghg it was horrible..if i ever get a Y.I. again im getting something else it was just gross and annoying. i was still feeling itchy though, so made an appointment as soon as i could (monday--tomorrow).

unfortunately on thursday i started to feel really ill and by friday morning i felt awful. sore throat and a fever. i didnt use the internal treatment friday night but did use the cream said not to use it if you had a fever or chills..i figured the two werent related but wanted to be safe.

saturday i was so sick with a sore throat i had to visit my urgent care doctor..i tested negative for strep..but they gave me antibiotics anyway (if i didnt have a Y.I. before i will now ha! ) i also mentioned the possible Y.I. and they gave me a scrip. for diflucan.

now im going to my doc tomorrow as i am still feeling a bit on the itchy side. MUCH better than earlier in the week and i havent even used any of the cream today. im still feeling a bit feverish but my throats feeling better. must be some virus going around.

so after all the rambling..i am asking..

i should probably hold off on taking the diflucan til after i go to my doc tomorrow right? (its just a one pill thing..actually i guess i should just ask my doc heh..)

ive never had a formal gyno appointment before..only a brief look at the exterior of my vagina at my urgent care doctor when i was diagnosed with genital hsv-1..which im not sure what to expect? if i wanted a full exam should i have said that when i made the appointment? does it require extra setup? or will she just take a swab to test for Y.I? and for those whove been diagnosed by a long does it take for that swab to get a result?

does a gyno exam mean i should have shaved? i usually shave so im a bit over a weeks worth grown in..and dont really want to as my vagina is still a bit itchy and sore. does a doc stick a finger up your butt during a gyno exam? i am italian...i am a bit hairy there. im kind of nervous and embarassed even though it is my doc.

sorry this is definitely a ramble..its just been a looooong annoying week. any insight would be appriciated.
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