lostonlost707 (lostonlost707) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late Period

 Sorry to post yet another pregnancy scare post, but I've looked in the archives and searched and haven't found this exact issue.

Before I started HBC a couple years ago, I had an irregular and usually short cycle (ranging from 21-25 or so days), but when I was on the pill I could predict my period to the morning I'd get it. I was on HBC until November or December of last year and haven't used any form of birth control since. After going off HBC, I got my period every 28 or possibly 29 days every month until this one. I was supposed to get it last Wednesday and now it's Sunday night. I wouldn't think this level of irregularity odd except that I've been regular every month since I dropped the pill.

My boyfriend and I are sexually active but never have intercourse or penetration of any sort. It's all hand jobs and oral. The only possibilities in terms of his semen getting where I don't want it to be is if some got on the sheets and then I rubbed against it or something, but we're always super careful that he uses a clean hand.

This last month I've finished up my school year and haven't been around as many girls. I've also been exercising a lot but not so much more than usual. The only other thing that's changed is that I recently bought a diva cup and had it sitting in there for a couple of days (taking it out every morning and night) when I expected my period to start, so I'd be prepared. This was going to be my first cycle with the cup, so I've had some insertion troubles/pain, but I don't think that could be connected to a delayed period, right? It never hurt once it was in properly.

I know I need to take a pregnancy test, and though I'm terrified even of buying and using one I plan to tomorrow morning. I also tried drinking some parsley tea this morning and afternoon and am hoping that will bring it on...

In the meantime does anybody have any reassuring words/ any ideas what might be causing my period to be late?
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