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Half-day period (usually 3-5 days of bleeding)?

Hi all, new poster here, hoping to get some advice or see if anyone else can relate!

I had sex for the first time ever on May 21, the first time we realized the condom was on backwards (but he didn’t finish), the second time that night he put on a new condom which was on fine (he finished), and since then we’ve been having condom sex once or twice a week with no visible problems of tearing, dripping etc (he’s finished most of the times). I did have some hymen tearing-related (I believe) bleeding at the beginning.

The time between the first day of my period has always fluxed a bit around 4 to 5 weeks (in the past 6 months it’s ranged between 29 and 37 days), and my last period began on May 3. Around May 28 I had some familiar bloating/cramping/acne that tends to preceed my period (anywhere from a day to a few weeks), and then 2ish days later the morning after we had sex, I got what looked like my normal flow (this was 26-27 days after my last period), but it only lasted the morning instead of my usual 3-5 days, so I was pretty confused as to whether it was a drastically truncated period or something else (???). So my first question is, what the heck was this, was it a messed up flow that was a bit earlier and much shorter than it should have been, or something else (implantation bleeding, response to having sex which is new for my body, etc?). I did have a lot going on in May, finals and papers due/graduating/starting this new relationship/job hunting/a reduction in exercising, so I wonder if stress may have played a role in any of this? I’ve never had such a short period, it literally just was that morning and that was it (I’m usually pretty heavy for the first 2 days). Since having sex is so new, I’ve never kept track of anything related to my cycle other than the start dates, so I have no idea about my ovulation etc.

I have a prescription for BC that I’ve been waiting to begin when I got my next period (I want to do Sunday start), but since I didn’t know if that weird blip was my period, I haven’t started it yet. Now, for the past 2-3 days I’ve been getting bloating and slight cramping with a bit of acne, and it feels like my period is coming on but it hasn’t begun yet (not counting that one-day bleed, I’m currently at 41 days since my last definite period, but counting that one-day bleed it’s now been 14 days). What is going on, anyone have any thoughts? Is it time to try a HPT (no other possible pregnancy symptoms except for this, except possibly frequent urination although I've been drinking a ton of water to help counteract the bloatedness)? Should I start my BC anyways, and if so, when? Anyone else have any similar experiences or want to offer any advice?

Many thanks!
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