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Hey everyone :)

A little bit of background - I'm 19, never had kids, and I'm in a long term relationship. The reason I'm posting here is that I seem to be having little success in finding birth control that's right for me :(

So far I've tried -

Microgynon - made me irritable and depressed, had panic attacks etc.
Cilest - constant depression, cried at the drop of a hat!
Condoms - ruin intimacy with my partner, although they've been a good temporary solution. Also - pretty expensive if you want good ones!
The copper IUD - horrible pain, constant bleeding, the strings hurt my boyfriend, very invasive, had to wait ages for any appointments.
Femodene - constant spotting, irritability.

I'm getting sick and tired of this! I'd like a non-hormonal form of birth control that won't reduce sensitivity like condoms do. They're a temporary solution at the moment, but I'd like to go back to 'feeling' my partner properly!

I'm thinking about the diaphragm. Have any of you tried this, and would you reccommend it?

I also saw something called a 'femcap' advertised, but after checking it out it looks a bit dodgy (not very many people have tried it that I can see).

any thoughts?! I'm getting desperate!!


Bee x
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