Moredena (ladyringo) wrote in vaginapagina,

The Period that will not end...

Hi guys... so I am having a little bit of a problem.

Back history on me! I started having my period when I was about 12. I have never *ever* been regular, even on BC pills, though they helped a bit. Last August I had an IUD inserted (the copper one, not the hormone one) and I did not have a period for almost 4 months. After that I started having about 2 periods a month, generally pretty light. However, starting about february it got much worse. I would have heavy bleeding for 2 days, take two days off and then bleed again and now I have been having a nearly non-stop heavy bleeding period for several weeks and it was moderate before that. I had the IUD removed a few weeks ago and went back on progesterone pills.

I am still bleeding and there's clots and it's gross. I am getting occasional cramps. I am feeling weak and woozy off and on and my appetite is really hit or miss.

I have insurance, but my last visit to my doctor was a disaster and I haven't had time to research a new physician and I can't afford another medical bill, but I am really starting to get concerned.

Has anybody else had a 2 month long period?
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