Tara (mykissmightkill) wrote in vaginapagina,

missed last pill

Okay so I should have taken my last hormone pill today at 10pm. But I'm at my bf's house a half hour from mine and I somehow left my pack at home and will not be able to take the pill till tomorrow night at 10.

If I take my missed pill tomorrow night at 10pm, how will that affect my protection? I have 7 days of sugar pills then I'll start my new pack. Is it worth taking the pill tomorrow? Will that not affect anything anyway? I'm a little worried that even if i take it tomorrow night that it will still be like I had 8 days of sugar pills instead. My only other idea was if I didnt take the missed pill, I could start my new pack a day earlier but I don't really want to. It's not to huge of a deal to wait till I'm fully protected again if it is affected But I'm annoyed with myself and worried (mostly probably for no reason).

Thanks for any help!! :)
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