Sara (mari_mac1109) wrote in vaginapagina,

Relieving PMS & Period Hell, naturally?

Avast, superstars! I come with a question.

So, my natural cycle is pretty ridiculous and though I love it very much, I'd like to ease it up if I can. The emotions, the little triggers that can set me off, the symptoms, the premenstrual and menstrual habits...

Here are a few of the symptoms that are especially blechy for me: I get very anxious, I get so emotional and supersupersuper lonely, I bloat, my teeth hurt and my gums are sensitive, I get ravenous and then Flo hits and I get exhausted for about three straight days.

The hunger and bloating I can deal with. The teeth hurting (it took me awhile to figure out that my random ouchy teeth and gums coincided with my cycle, but now I know that when my teeth start feeling 'twitchy' that I've got about five days and when they start hurting, two or three) I can deal with.

But the emotional hell is wearing me out. The PMS anxiety is starting to put a cramp in my style and I could do with out the weeping jags. Even during them, I KNOW that I'm just being a hormonal mess, but that doesn't seem to ever make me feel any better. :-/ I have dealt with clinical/major depression and general anxiety in the past and weaned off my meds (Pristiq, an SNRI, daily and Xanax as needed). I'm really happy to be off the pills and coming off them wasn't even too hellish. At this point in my life, I feel like I can manage without the medications by taking care of myself in other ways. Except for about five days to a week each month. Like clock work.

I do NOT want to use any form of hormonal birth control as a) I'm a tree-hugging, granola-eating hippie like that and b) they've done me more harm than good in the past and with the past few methods I've tried. I LIKE my body's natural cycle and want to keep it. I love being able to tell when I'm ovulating (and my body's loud about all things relating to my uterus, so it's not hard for me) and mostly I'm happy to bleed once a month since it feels kind of feels like my body's resetting itself. I just need to find a way to better deal with everything that goes along with it, without HBC.

So, are there any supplements, herbs, activities, suggestions, etc any of you lovely people know of?

For reference: 23, nulliparous, currently single, normal PAPs, STD-free, have had my copper IUD (ParaGard) for almost a year and my bleeding and cramping are actually LESS than pre-IUD (yay!!!), generally eat well and do a lot of walking, though I'm a bit heavy for my height. My cycle's about 29-30 days and I don't think I've missed a period in at least eight years, maybe even since menarche. I am almost textbook regular.

Thanks Veepsters!
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