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What constitutes "spotting" and other questions from someone who is going crazy.

Hi all...

I will make this as short and sweet as possible.

My boyfriend and I are using the withdrawal method combined with me charting my cycle (so that we can use condoms on fertile days). This month, I had a really odd absence of cervical mucus, but I'm pretty sure I ovulated two days ago. I'm having all of the normal stuff that I get right after ovulating--sore breasts and light cramping, mainly, but I'm also having strange waves of nausea and something I've never had before that is terrifying me...what I think might be some spotting.


the blood is pinkish, but there is so very little of it (I found it when I peed and wiped) that it amounts to probably less than a typical sized drop, all told. I just checked my cervical position/feel (like thirty minutes ago), and I'm wondering if maybe I just nicked myself? Sometimes, when I get a pap smear, I bleed a little, so maybe I have a sensitive cervix?

I have had complete confidence in the withdrawal method for months now, but because I was unsure of when I ovulated this month, I'm terrified. Obviously, if I DID ovulate 2 days ago, there's no way I could be having implantation bleeding right now, right??

I have a 26 day cycle (though there are a few months where it is 24 or 25...for the past three months, it has been 26). I am on day 16. It seems like everywhere I go, people are talking about how withdrawal is a horrible method, so I've really been feeling like I might get pregnant. While I've had stress do this to me before, I'm also feeling that my breasts are more sensitive than usual. Of course, my breasts hurt about 3 weeks out of the month anyway! :|

What really does concern me is the nausea and the blood. Would you even consider this spotting?? I'm flipping out, and I'm not sure I have any reason to be.

There might be a chance that this cycle is going to go a little longer, and I could be ovulating right now. My cervical mucus was white and lotion-like yesterday (first day I've really noticed a good amount of mucus in about four days).

And I will go ahead and say that I screwed up and because I was already so dry and couldn't figure out if I was ovulating or not...we had sex without a condom. Again, we ALWAYS practice withdrawal, and we have never had any mishaps. I know there's controversy over the issue of precum, but I've read all of the studies, and he always urinates between ejaculations. 

As much as I'd like to say I know my's confusing the heck out of me right now! For what it's worth, I've been drinking a lot of water so that I'll have an excuse to keep peeing and wiping, and I've not had anymore blood for the past couple of hours.  

ETA: I figured out that the blood was from a small cut I seem to have sustained during vigorous sex.  WHEW.  I'm feeling better now...I did have another bout of nausea last night, but I'm pretty sure it's caused by the extreme humidity here, and possibly some acid reflux, which I am prone to.  I took alka seltzer before bed last night, and I feel much better today.  I think the blood just drove my imagination over the line.  I do check my BBT, and it is definitely elevated--to the point that I'm running a very low grade fever.  Maybe I'm just sick?  Or maybe it is just the heat...sometimes it takes me awhile to get acclimated.
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