Butterflies and Razor Blades (dark_nymph) wrote in vaginapagina,
Butterflies and Razor Blades

Uterus/IUD/Birth Control question

I have been off Birth Control for a few months now. The headaches and migraines were really bad and I've just gone through a messy divorce. I am planning on seeing a "friend" of mine over in Europe next month and want to get back on some birth control.
I have tried other BC methods, including the Nuva Ring and the Depo shot and various kinds of pills.

I went to get the Mirena IUD inserted on June 1, and took the medication to "relax" my uterus the night before, as prescribed. The MD couldn't even tell I took it, and she seemed very surprised... "OH! Uh.. um... you have a very, very tiny uterus." She couldn't get it in. So she's referred me to a Gynecologist. I've been spotting since I saw the MD last week.

Now, I'm supposed to go to Europe next month (still waiting on dates) but now I'm not sure I want an IUD inserted into my "very very tiny uterus" if it's going to cause a lot of pain and spotting/infection issues whilst I'm out of country. The idea was to get it all done a few weeks before I left to overcome a few weeks of discomfort.

I'm not supposed to start my next period for another 2 weeks, however I have 3 months of leftover Birth Control pills which I can take.

My questions...
Has anyone else had this "tiny uterus" issue? Will it be dangerous to have an IUD inserted? Will it cause a lot of pain because it's so small and the IUD will be extra snug?

If I start taking my pills now, will it be a waste of pills until I get my period? We are both "Safe" STD wise, but I hate condoms and don't want to worry about it if I'm over there.

Sorry for the long rant, but getting into the MD is difficult and no one I know really has an answer for me.
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