Katie (lady_lightning) wrote in vaginapagina,


A friend of mine just lost her virginity yesterday and is now dealing with the sort of aftermath of unprotected-but-still-pulled-out sex.
Of course, while there's no HUGE fear of pregnancy, she wants to take every precaution and as a result, is contemplating finishing a pack of Low-Ogesterol (?) in order to sort of stimulate the semblance of a normal period. She wasn't on HBC at the time the intercourse occurred, and instead, has a some leftover pills laying around the house. She only gets her period like once every three months, so we're not entirely sure at what point she' d be ovulating, etc.
I think she wants to finish the pack like normal, but since she tells me she only has 4 white and 7 orange pills left, I'm not sure that's going to be in any way effective at trying to convince the body to go into a withdrawal bleed at the end of that.

So the question is: should she do the combination to create an emergency contraceptive or should she take the pills regularly if she wants the possibility of a normal withdrawal bleed to happen at the end of that?

Also, if she does the emergency contraceptive, can she expect to bleed at any point sooner than her normal period? I took Plan B once and I remember that it made my period come later than normal.
Thank you!
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