Ginny (forzani) wrote in vaginapagina,

When you should go see a gyno anyway...

I know the question of 'When should I go see a gynecologist?' has been addressed in numerous posts. Between this community and other literature I've read, the consensus seems to be either when you become sexually active or when you hit 18-21, whichever comes first.

I'm 21, very close to 22. I live in Canada. I'm a student so it means that I rarely see the same doctor twice when I go to the health clinic. I've never been sexually active and there is highly little chance I will become sexually active in the near future. There's been a history of cervical and ovarian cancers, as well as ovarian cysts on both sides of my family. There's no reason to believe I have any gynecological problems like ovarian cysts, besides painful, long periods - I've been on birth control for four years to control them and I like it fine and it works well for me.

Problem: every doctor I've seen since I was 20, both male and female, have told me I don't need to have a pelvic exam of any kind until an issue comes up or if I become sexually active. There have been four doctors who have told me this.

I mean, I do trust them, but it seems odd to me. Should I not worry about it? Should I be more insistent about getting a gyno referral? Should I lie and say I'm sexually active just to get an exam? Am I just being paranoid?
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