anonishh (anonishh) wrote in vaginapagina,

yeast infection maybe..?

instead of googling and scaring myself into thinking i may have something that i don't, i figured i'd ask for advice here since i usually am able to find answers to things i want to know. 2 days ago, i got an itch down there.. nothing serious so i wasn't all that worried. but then i felt a very small bump on one of my labia. i just let it go and waited to see what it'd be like the next day. so for the past two days, i'll randomly get itches throughout the day but i'm not dying or anything. it doesn't hurt when i pee, i got some discharge yesterday and earlier on in the day today but it's been fine for now. i took a look to see and it kinda looks like a reaaaally small pimple but i'm freaked out now thinking it could be something bad. with the itching and discharge, i thought maybe it was a yeast infection.. but i've never had one before so i was unsure. i planned on picking up some yogurt and doing that.. seeing if things got better in a few days before going to the doctor since i really can't do that at the moment. so two questions.. does this sound like something serious? and where can i get the right type of yogurt because i could not find anything at the super market. and just some additional background.. i'm a virgin and i've only received oral once, about 3 months ago... but it was literally 10 seconds before i pushed them away. don't know if all that matters but thought i'd add it in. thanks for any advice.
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