cherrybabe21 (cherrybabe21) wrote in vaginapagina,

(Pregnancy Test Question)

How soon can you take a pregnancy test? I was the one worried about pregnancy after missing two birth control pills. My four day placebo week soon be here in about a week and a 1/2 and I took a test today, because the worry was getting to me. And it said I was not pregnant should I be able to depend on that. For those that are reading this that did not read my other post this is what happened, I took last months birth control the full pack, I a m on loestrin 24 it has 24 active pills and four placebo pills. I took the placebo pills had a period, then started the new pack after they were gone took the first pill in the new pack on thursday, friday & saturday I missed the pills sunday and monday I made them up by taking two pills each day, then weds I have unprotected sex, if you can call it sex, I was on top for a few mins only, got worried about not taking the pills those two days, so we did not continue. Hubby said he did go inside at all, which I don't see how he could have. So I decided today to buy a test a take it and it said no..  Any advice? 
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