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possible yeast infection?

hello everyone. i read something someone posted a few below mine asking about symptoms regarding a possible mild yeast infection and i have to experiencing the same symptoms! ive never been diagnosed with a yeast infection before so im hoping you guys can give me some guidance! i tend to ramble so im making a cut!

i was fingered by a guy on saturday and on sunday woke up and my vaginal opening and inner lips were suuuuper itchy. i also felt very..well..lubricated but this seemed like normal discharge i get around the time im ovulating. but i woke up today and was so so itchy and dry (although not painful when i pee or anything) but just as the poster said below, the only other discharge ive found that was abnormal was after inserting a finger into my vagina, and there is a small amount of white chunky smell or anything.

ive had this intense itching in the past, and perhaps even this discharge that i dismissed as i may very well have had a yeast infection in the past but..can they go away without treatment..? because in past times the itchiness has subsided. also, because im a virgin i dont think it could be an STD. the post below made me realize its possible to get mild infections..and i cant really think of anything else this may be!

as ive never had any symptoms bad enough to go to my doc for it, im wondering what i should do? because its my first time where i actually believe i have this should i go to my doc? or should i try this garlic technique that seems to work well for you guys? or maybe this isnt a yeast infection at all? although in the below post the symptoms described sound just like mine and the general consensus in that post was that it was in fact a mild yeast infection.

your insight would be greatly appriciated!
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