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Green discharge?

Hi people, I'm actually a little embarrassed but this freaked me out a bit...

Earlier today, I went to the restroom (and peed if that's relevant..) and I happened to look while I was getting up and noticed something strange in the toilet. I couldn't really figure out what it was and decided someone must have dropped something before me.

A few minutes ago, I showered. As I was stepping into the water I heard something kinda *plop* when I looked I saw something green. I remembered what I saw earlier and inspected it and it was discharge(?) I guess..? It didn't look or feel the same as what I normally have. I touched myself to be sure it came from me and sure enough, more weird green stuff! I mean.. usually it drips out in a line? This stuff was literally *plop*ping out of me and it's green and.. what is it and what does it mean?

I'm 20 years old, sexually active but we use condoms. No birth control but I did take Plan B last month. My period should be arriving next Thursday. Is this some weird side affect from the Plan B for my period (if that makes sense..? It said my next period could be lighter/heavier or earlier/later). I'm just scared :(
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