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Electric Razors?

Hey guys,
I have an odd question. I have been shaving "down there" since I turned 18, about 7 years now. I have extremely sensitive skin and am allergic to aloe. Most razors have that silly aloe strip across the top, plus I have near constant razor burn.

I have been trying to find an electric razor, wet/dry, that I can use for my lady parts. My husband has one that isn't bad, but it can't really get into the space between my leg and my groin (and having DARK hair, it likes to spread). If I shave that area too enthusiastically with a standard razor, I get a nasty, bumpy rash that BURNS like hell for days.

Does anyone groom their lady-bits with an electric razor, and if so, which brands/styles do you prefer? Thanks so much guys! You all rock!
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