sockpup135 (sockpup135) wrote in vaginapagina,

Wart on Lip

 I have something on my lip that at first I thought was just a healing wound  from accidentally biting myself, but the thing didn't go away after a few days. it's clear and round. It looks like a wart.

I've kissed and gone down on my gf with this thing on my lip, I'm realizing :/ I'm going to tell her, and abstain from any oral/oral or oral/genital contact for awhile. 

But what else should I do? I'm thinking about going to planned parenthood or my primary care physician, but I live with my mom and I'd really rather *not* have to tell my mom why i'm going. I'm willing to make something up, so i can go to a regular doctor, but I'm not sure what to say. If i went to PP, and used my health insurance (if I can get my health insurance info without my mom knowing) would there be any record of it that my mom would find out about?

Also, what should I say when trying to get an appointment? I don't want to be brushed off because they don't think a wart is serious enough to need an examination.

Can I get a home kit and freeze the thing off myself?


-on my bottom inner lip
-doesn't hurt
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