secretstar07979 (secretstar07979) wrote in vaginapagina,

Papercut tears, bleeding...

Hi all, I'm wondering if any of you have had this problem or know how to solve it...


For the last month or so sex has been really painful. I had quite a severe yeast infection at the beginning of May, treated it with canesten and it went. Since then, sex has hurt. It's when he enters that it's the most painful, almost like how sex feels to a virgin! Except I've been having sex for 6 years and have no problems with dryness, tightness etc. When he's in deep it feels great, just as it's always done!

After sex, I'm noticing fresh bright red bleeding when I go to the toilet... I looked in the mirror this morning and have noticed tiny papercut like tears around my opening. I have recently been tested for every STD and came back negative for everything so I know it isn't an STD. What else might it be, could it be linked to the yeast infection or the treatment I used? Should I go back to the docs or GUM clinic or is this something that will sort itself out!?


Thanks for reading -x-


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