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I had absolutely no sex for four months. On May 31 I finally did sleep with an ex. We had had unprotected sex while we were dating, which was well over a year ago, so we used nothing this time, also. Yesterday, June 5th, I gave my 6 month old daughter a bubble bath with some new Johnson's and Johnson's baby wash. (I bathe with her.) after the bath we took a nap, and I woke up kinda itchy and burny down there. I also just got off my period, AND just got back from the beach. Lots of moisture down there, different water, wet bikini bottoms, plus period, plus sex and bubble baths. Ugh! Because I'm cheap, I bought the off-brand Monistat 1-day yeast infection treatment, which is a prefilled applicator. I used it yesterday, and took 2 AZO. It pretty much solved the problem until about an hour ago. Now I'm kind of itchy and kind of burny again. The YI treatment pretty much melted out of me all day yesterday...I had to change my pantiliner several times. I know they prefer you use it at night, but who can tolerate itching all day? Also, we took another bath with the same baby wash today.

Anyway. I'm uninsured....fabulous!! So I am wondering if you guys think I should try another YI treatment, try the AZO some more, or....are there any STDs that present with these symptoms? Would an STD take 5 days after sex to start bothering me? Any opinions would be great. Thanks!

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