Liz (dandelionwind) wrote in vaginapagina,

Helping out a friend

Hello everyone! My friend doesn't have a lj account so I promised I would post this for her.

She is currently having a difficult time having sex with her boyfriend. He is too large and she is too small. They have tried, but it led to tearing for her. Their emotional relationship is still strong, but she would like to work on fully embracing their physical relationship. What can she do to accomodate his size and what can he do to avoid further tearing and injury?

I recommended that there are other things they can do besides PIV sex, but that is even difficult because he is too big. She can't fit his penis in her mouth and he claims to not like handjobs. At the same time, I know that none of this is the same as actually having sex. She really wants that connection and she is feeling really down about it. Please help my friend out!

Thanks ahead for all tips and advice! :)

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