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Inflammation after a bikini-zone shaving?

(excuse the sockpuppet, you know why...)

Two weeks ago I decided to shave my bikini zone, all of it. I think the first and last time I've done it was almost 10 years ago, maybe a bit less. I had put the shaving cream, let it soften the hairs a bit and very carefully did the job. No cuts, no bleeding, it looked like a success.

The first 2 days after the shaving skin looked good but it felt REALLY WEIRD. It felt sticky (!!) and rubber-like. Seriously, the toilet paper would get stuck on it. I'd put some talc over it in hope it's just a temporarily irritation.

But then, on the 3rd day I woke up with the whole vulvic area covered in zits/pimples, mostly with white caps (nice for squeezing out), at least 50 of them!! And it hurt!!

If I'd just scratch myself (because it would itch, especially when I walk because of the pants-on-skin contact) some of them would start to bleed. Then some of them started bleeding under the skin, so I'd have large blue-ish patches on my skin and swollen areas where blood gathered.

There are still some pimples, still some itching and occasional bleeding...and I don't know what to do, I'll just wait for it to pass. I don't really have time to go to the doctor, not to mention how embarrassing it would be (ok, I know, if it seemed serious I'd really go, I don't want to mess with my body and health).

I don't want to ever shave myself in that area again but I keep wondering if there was something I could do to prevent that? I know I have sensitive skin, the similar happens then I shave insides of my thighs so I stopped doing it.

Anyone else had similar experiences? :(

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