jesusnachos (jesusnachos) wrote in vaginapagina,

sharp stinging pains on upper vag area

hi, for about a week now i've been having very sharp sudden stinging sensations close/on the clitorial area/tip area of my vagina. it's not constant, but if i shift into a certain position it stings horribly. i do not have an STD (haven't had sex since last august). i don't believe it is a UTI because it doesn't burn when i pee. i just started my period 2 days ago and was hoping that it would clear out whatever is causing the pain but it hasnt stopped.

i'm wondering if this is just a yeast infection? or possible bacterial vaginosis? if it's the latter, is it possible for it to go away on its own? my stomach can't tolerate oral antibiotics.

any ideas on what this could be?
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