littletuxedomen (littletuxedomen) wrote in vaginapagina,

anxious about possible pregnancy

hi VP-ers :)

i posted to the LJ comm amipregnant as well, but just wanted to know what you guys thought.. because i'm so afraid of the possibility of pregnancy :/

i had sex for the first time on May 23rd, and the boyfriend and i used withdrawal (stupidly because we didnt have condoms on hand and STILL wanted a go at it *smacks forehead*). I'm quite sure he didnt ejaculate inside me for this incident, however.

then we had sex again on the 25th and the 30th of May, both times using a condom and he finished inside me, condom on. however i'm not sure whether on the 30th there was any leakage/seepage from the top of the condom, because when i was helping him to unroll it i thought i found some ejaculate on the outside of the condom, at the base of the penis :/  i'm more worried about this two dates because i think i might have ovulated sometime around the 26-27th of May-- my discharge increased in volume, become a lot more fluid and stringy aka fertile mucous, am i right? so... fertile time and possibility of leakage = Major anxiety.

i'm not on any other form of BC like the pill or anything, so far we've only used withdrawals/condoms. i'm just really afraid and anxious because if i am pregnant it is practically tantamount to doomsday, not even kidding.

so i'm just wondering what you guys think, and how early should i take a pregnancy test? my cycles are pretty long, usually 34-38 days in a cycle, so my period is not due for about a week or so.

also -- my pee smelt really weird/foul/strong 2 days after sex, could it be the condoms..? it's fine now. but the last 3 days i've had So much gas, and ALWAYS in the evening around dinner time. i read that it could be an early pregnancy symptom :( so far, no other tell-tale signs.
i'm just hoping it was the coffee/ my stomach acting up as it sometimes does.

any advice/reassurance/input would be SO helpful, thanks so much in advance :)
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