torsornin (torsornin) wrote in vaginapagina,

no period for a year after stopping BC

So..... I was on BC for several years, on and off at times - my period always started back normally. In fact I have always been fairly regular with no issues before bc.

June of last year - I went off BC- I was having some reactions to it, didnt really like the way I was feeling etc. Got my withdraw period... then nothing *cricket chirp... uterine silence*

OKOK no panic - for up to 6 months your period can be wacky - I can deal with this - still we used condoms *just in case* so I wouldnt accidentally get preggers if I was still ovulating.

December 09 - we got a little carried away *oops* plan B *just in case*

Got a period.... then

NOTHING *cricket chirp... uterine silence*

OK still being careful (we couldnt have a baby at that point)

went to girly dr in march - told her about my silent girl parts, inquired whether my uterus just went on strike - or have I killed everything and put myself into early menopause or something with the HBC...

Needed blood work.. am a coward - finally got the blood work this week - everything, all hormone levels, all extra stuff normal. (and no not preggers)

just got married sunday, and we are planning on TTC in the fall - I need to get myself sorted, for that and just for overall health.

So she says she is going to give me some medication **EDIT** I am pretty sure it is a short course of Provera **    that will jump start my period. I was told to pretty much expect the period from hell (great - mine were never fun to begin with!)

Has anyone else experienced this. How about side effects? and did you resume your normal cycles after wards? - I used to be pretty much clockwork before I went on BC and never had this happen.
Have I screwed myself for life with this. And will it effect my ability to bear children?
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