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On the subject of squirting..

Looked through the memories, and haven't really found anything that fits my question. I've been sexually active for about four and a half years now. I'm just turning 20, as I mentioned in my earlier post. I've been really sexually active in the last 7 months that I've started dating my current boyfriend.

Here's my confusion: 

Most of you ladies describe squirting from clitoral stimulation only, and mostly during masturbation. The first (and only) time I've squirted I was on top, and...I actually can't remember if there was or was not any clitoral stimulation. I was kind of out of it. I don't remember feeling an orgasm any different from the usual other than there was a bit of a 'squirt'. A couple of seconds after that happened I kinda looked down at my bf, being extremely confused as to what happened while he preened at having just made me squirt, and he filled me in (no pun intended) on what just happened. Fun times! 

Except I haven't been able to do it since, even during the most intense orgasms. I want to, he'd like for me to. I can't. There was one time that I thought I might but then I also thought I was going to pee by accident, and while we're both totally mature and understand that bodily fluids happen, it's still not something I wanted to happen.

I tired to make myself squirt while masturbating the other day, but no go. I get too sensitive during orgasm, and usually can't keep myself focused enough on what I'm doing. :/

Help! I'd like to be able to. I mean, I did it once, so I should be able to do it again, right? 
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