oh, you fancy, huh? (sungrown) wrote in vaginapagina,
oh, you fancy, huh?

abnormal pap smear and risk of hpv & birth control question

In mid-December of last year, I went to the gyno for my annual exam. My gyno called me about a week later and informed me that my pap smear was abnormal, but to not worry about it and just come back next year, and if the results are still abnormal, then have another procedure done, etc.

However, at that time, my boyfriend of three months had told me that had been to a prostitute twice in Japan (he's from Japan), but that it was only a blowjob. However, I come to find out after my pap smear, that one of the prostitutes also had unprotected vaginal sex with him.

So now I'm really worried, should I go back to the gyno soon and tell them and have another pap smear done, or should I just wait until my next annual? Do you think it's almost certain that I contracted HPV through him? :/

Another question I have is about going off birth control. I've been taking Yaz for four years, and I want to go off it due to personal reasons. Has anyone who has gone off of Yaz experienced significant weight loss/gain or significant emotional change? I'm pretty sure Yaz made me more emotional, so should I expect for my moods to lessen now? I'm just curious about it, because I don't know much about going off birth control.

Thanks :)
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