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worried i may have transmitted genital hsv-1 to a friend

so i am a 21 year old female whos had genital hsv-1 for about a year and a half. my first outbreak was so mild i wasnt sure what it was at first and being a virgin, was especially devestated when i found out i had it. im still a virgin (have decided to wait til i find someone i feel like i want to date to tell them before we have sex etc...thats a whole other story). im super careful about not letting guys go down on me or touch their penis to my vagina because i dont want to spread anything. but on monday night i think i made a mistake..

a group of four friends and i had been drinking and decided to do a bit of experimenting. two guys, two girls. one of the guys and the other girl are dating but in an open relationship. so the one guy fingered me for a bit and we made out, and then we switched and he made out with my girl friend while i made out and had the other guy finger me. i thought fingering was a safe practice until i was in the shower the next day and found a small bump in my vagina...this happens to me every once in a while..a hard bump that you can feel more than you can just slightly sore but doesnt come to a head or look like a blister but more like an ingrown. since my initial outbreak i get one or two of these every once in a while..its bit confusing if its an outbreak or not and never really much of a bother to me.

ANYWAY-- so now im so so so worried that i may have transfered genital hsv-1 to my girl friend. the first guy fingered me for a bit..not too long..and im sure there were a few minutes between when he fingered me and when he fingered her..but there was certainly moisture and friction, things that cause herpes to be transmitted more easily. ive read conflicting info all over the internet and posted on a herpes forum but the only response was 'it is not likely that you transfered it to the other girl.' but this was not a no risk situation. i also read that its possible to get herpes on your finger...i feel now that i cant do ANYTHING sexual!

so basically im looking for some insight from you guys. i would feel so horrible if infected my friend because i love her dearly, and what if she had sex with her boyfriend and passed it along to him as well?? i dont know if its a big enough concern for me to really have to rather not tell them if i dont have to because this is something id like to keep to myself and honestly i was drunk and didnt think twice about touching. i have a sort of gossipy group of friends who are open about this kind of thing and i really dont want all my friends/aquaintances i know to know i have this. im bugging out and could really use some opinions or insight or something!
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