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Yet another "when is bc effective?" post, but bear with me - it's a little different...

x-posted to womenhealth. I'd appreciate an answer rather than a discussion on all the ways I'm not pregnant - but discussion is welcome, assuming someone says, "yes," or "no" in there somewhere ;P

I just read this thread:, and it reminded me that I had a question.

I know 7 days is the standard, or one month "to be safe"... but here's the thing:

I haven't had a period in what seems like eons... I'm losing track of the months now.

Does that matter (as it pertains to efficacy, not health concerns)? Still effective in 7days?

I've been off it 2-3 weeks since I got lazy and missed the deadline for my last refill - my script expired. No sign of rain, as it were... I should be starting up on Sunday, however - period or no period.

I started Adderall a few months back... well... ok, that's probabl.. well, I guess it is relevant. I'm pretty sure I stopped getting a period back in February. Yeah, that's about right. The guy I was seeing (it's convoluted, at best) was leaving for Scotland at the end of Feb, so I skipped a couple periods to make the best of the limited time we had (but got them anyway - just a week or so late). I suppose March was when it didn't show. I started school in January, my anxiety skyrocketed due to starting classes, navigating this ridiculous situation with the dude, and moving to a new house all in the same month. The semester was rocky as all hell for a while - so high stress. That's number one: stress. Number two: I started Adderall for ADD and it wiped out my appetite - I've dropped at least 10lbs, but possibly as much as 20lbs (I didn't weigh in when I started, but at the beginning of the year I was floating around 195/200 - now it's ~180) - pretty much from not eating much, or often. I'm not sure if it alters metabolism, but it's amphetamines so I suppose that's a possibility. Three: when I'm not involved with someone (i.e. having sex routinely), I slack on my pills like a mofo - the primary reason I take them (before I met this guy in Dec I'd been flying solo more than a year) is because the estrogen affects the blood serum levels of another medication I take (Lamictal/lamotrigine). In short: the estrogen keeps the side effects at bay by modulating the dose. Anyway, no sex = irregular pill taking (hold the lectures, please! I know it sounds weird - but I'm diligent once it's actually serving a tangible purpose rather than just playing the monotonous year-after-year role of yet another supplemental crazymed).

1) mad stressed (it has calmed down, but still no period)
2) sudden and substantial weight-loss
3) my pill taking has been all over the map since the boy skipped town and country.

I wouldn't care normally about the efficacy wait, but the boy comes home on June 14th (assuming the damn volcano isn't delaying flights still - I haven't been keeping up, but he'll be flying out from the UK to New York state, Rochester). Technically, we broke up a couple weeks ago (convoluted situation, as I said), but I have no idea what's going to happen when he's home - whether or not there will be a resolution; whether or not we'll end up in bed together again. I'm sure we wouldn't hook up right away, if at all, but it will be exactly 7days from starting the pack to the day of his return. All the same, I'd prefer to make sure I'm protected if it happens (redundant, but: monogamous, both STD-free, and I hate condoms... seriously).

FYI: He left Feb 25th. I'd KNOW if I was pregnant by now :P So, that's out. My girly bits are just stunted and confused with all the changes, I'm sure.

My periods have always been regular both on and off birth control, but it's not atypical to miss one here and there due to one reason or another. I have to have my biennial exam for a new script, which I think is scheduled for tomorrow but I forgot I already have another appt with my pcp around the same time (follow up for a concussion sustained May 1st, CT scan last Thursday), so I have to reschedule. I'll bring up the no periods, of course, but these last few months have been nothing shy of a tornado - I'm not surprised. I have a preg test waiting for me in the bathroom - the first one was negative, but I hardly peed so I'll run a do-over on the second of the two-pack the next time I go to be sure. I'd be at least 4 months along by now, if not 5, and I'm confident I'd have noticed something funny by now (like an expanding abdomen, rather than the shrinking one I currently have :P).

EDIT: second pregger test, done correctly, was also negative - pregnancy is out.
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