Story of my life. (herloved_beauty) wrote in vaginapagina,
Story of my life.

diarrhea as pregnancy symptom?

okay, so i know this is an extremely odd question, but i was wondering - is diarrhea a sign of early pregnancy?

my last 'period' was may 5th - 8th, the next time i had sex after that was may 14th. i started feeling somewhat queasy but mostly having diarrhea about a week ago, on the 25th. that is WAY too soon to be feeling pregnancy symptoms, isn't it?

i feel like i'm going crazy. my withdrawal bleed is due somewhere in the next four days, and i'm driving myself nuts because i've either been sick with a virus, or i've been pregnant (and the latter is definitely not something i really want at the moment.)

for the record, the only protection we use is my birth control, which i take every night at 11pm (between 11 and 11:10 most nights), and he usually ejaculates in me. i'm good about taking my bc, but i was on antibiotics for a double ear infection and possible UTI the same weekend i'm concerned about (at first it was azithromycin and the second was ciprofloxacin).

i know that stressing myself out isn't helping but i really don't know what to do, other than take a pregnancy test but i don't have the money for them and the dollar store was out. help?
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