dreamseer09 (dreamseer09) wrote in vaginapagina,

cup size?

Im trying to find how exactly do you find your right bra and cup size??

I have loadsa different things lately However the most logical one I have heard was to measure your  boobs then under your boobs and the cup size is the difference. So it goes like 1 inch difference = A ,2 inch difference = B, 3 inch difference = C etc etc.

Is this the right way to measure your cup size?

And how exactly do you know which one is right for you? because i measured last month ans there was a 2 inch difference and this month it is nearly a 4 inch difference (albeit I have lost 10 pounds but my weight changes alot which tend to be my exact cup size problem)

Im just so bloody sick of either bursting out of my bra's or swimming in them!!

Thanks girls:)
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