Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sharp pain during sex

I will preface this with some things. My boyfriend is fairly large (not massive but maybe 7.5") and I am pretty tiny down there. I feel like my vagina is rather shallow, but that hasn't been ...confirmed, if that's possible to do so. Doggy style type sex is virtually impossible for us (unless I am VERY turned on, which unfortunately is rare) because it just feels like he's poking me in all the wrong places. Possibly hitting my cervix, I think.

So, the other night, we were having sex and we were in a new position. It wasn't anything crazy or wild. Just sort of on our sides facing each other with our legs at weird angles, lol. Everything was going fine until he thrusted maybe a bit too quickly, and I felt an extremely sharp pain on my lower right side, pretty much where your appendix is located. It hurt so badly that I had to have him stop, and it ached for ten minutes afterward. I thought maybe he hit my cervix, but would that be possible in the area that I felt the pain? It wasn't like any pain I've felt before with any other positions, which is why I'm concerned. We were able to continue fine after the pain went away, but I'd like to avoid it in the future or figure out what it is.

Any ideas? Anyone experience things similar?
What are some ~fun~ positions that are shallow-vagina friendly? haha.
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