puddlejumper^^ (un_solved) wrote in vaginapagina,

recognize bladder infection?

The Friday before last I went to my doctor and was prescribed antibiotics for a bladder infection. Took all of them, finished on Tuesday. But I felt, well, uncomfortable for two more days or so then it went away completely.

Yesterday evening I had sex two times within two hours after being away for the weekend and this morning it's... burning a little again, which I thought might just be irritation but I also feel like I have to pee a lot.

I can't figure out if the infection came back or I'm just overreacting and tomorrow it might be gone. Is it more likely that I just angered my vag with all the sex or could it not have gone away completely?

And how fast do these things actually spread to the kidneys? Would it be stupid to wait it out today and drink a lot of water (there's no cranberry here anywhere... ) and if it's still there tomorrow go to the doctor?

I'm just really unsure because it had been my first and right now the symptoms aren't as bad, so I don't know if it actually is the same.

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