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Goat Friends

Reputable Vitex Pills?

A couple of vitex-related posts recently have reminded me to ask this:

I've been taking vitex to even out my luteal phases and try to cajole my ovaries into not doing the cyst thing. (The cysts aren't a huge health issue, but they make using FAM inconvenient -- and they are even more inconvenient when they burst.)

I have been using a tincture prepared at a local herb shop. The good new in this is that I know it's prepared using the correct part of the plant, it's been stored correctly, etc. The bad news is that because it's a tincture**, I only end up remembering to take it about 1 of every 3 or so days. And that's not helping as much as it could.

Basically, I'm way too conditioned to How to Remember Pills. I know the cell phone alarm should be pretty versatile, but even when I was on HBC, I remembered visually. Then, I had a pill case labeled SunMonTueWedThuFriSat, so I could see whether or not I'd taken that day's pill. Similarly, in order to keep track of period pain meds, I have a little case labeled SMTWTFS, so I can see whether I'm maxed out on meds for the day.

So it would be awesome if I could find quality vitex in pill form; they'd fit literally into my pill case and figuratively into my life pattern. Only, I'm pretty skeptical of a fair number of commercial brands and am not sure which ones to get.

So -- and here's the TL;DR version -- anyone have knowledge of or experience with reputable vitex pills that worked well for you?


** In greater detail: It tastes seven kinds of nasty, so I need to take it inside some kind of of other liquid that has its own taste and which taste I do not mind perverting with the taste of this bitter concoction. This means my morning cups of coffee and evening beer and/or wine are right out. I have priorities and caffeine (especially) and (to a lesser degree) alcohol trump more convenient ovarian function.

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