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update to prev post abt HBC & DVT

update to this post

hey. last night was an ~adventure~, for sure. And I've got the bruises to show for it.

I did go to the ER, we left about 11:15 [my breathing took a nosedive around 10:30 or so, and after desperately trying to get my inhaler to work, it took a bit to pack everything up] and got there ~11:40 or so. Times are really fuzzy, though.

It was really strange, though, because the triage nurse had to have me explain my concern after I told her the trifecta of Bad [high-dose BC, leg pain, breathing difficulties]... wouldn't you think an RN would be able to figure it out? I mean, my nurse in the back AND my doctor both got it right away. *shrug* oh well.

I got to a room, and Esther [my nurse] came in to hook me up [blood pressure cuff and SPO2? finger thing]. Oddly enough, my oxygen concentration was reading between 95-100%, which is weird because it sure as hell doesn't feel that good. Respiratory therapy guy came and listened to my lungs, said they were clear, and left.

That'd be all well and good IF I was coughing up crap. Which I'm not. And wasn't.

The doctor eventually came in [he was very nice {and kinda hott *ahem*}], we talked, he felt up my legs [*rofl*], he said that yeah, it sounds like it might be a clot. Then he asked me how I knew about clots and I'm sitting there going "... because I read my med guides?" Seriously, am I the only person he's ever seen that actually pays attention to what problems their meds could cause?

Anyway. They [tried to] draw blood. I am now the dubiously proud owner of five bruises, three of which are epic. They finally threw an IV in my upper arm, right above my armpit [yes, it hurts] and drew blood from my wrist. Lab guy: Okay, we're ready. Hold still, please. Me: I'M TRYING YOU'RE SHOVING A NEEDLE IN MY WRIST!

So, I'm just waiting, trying to breathe, playing some Mario Kart, and Esther comes in and does an EKG. I don't see the connection, but okay... it's not like they hurt.

I wait. Doc comes back, "no clot." Says to keep an eye on my calves and measure them to see if they ~develop~ a difference. I'm discharged with a diagnosis of "dyspnea" with instructions for "shortness of breath, unclear etiology."

... except neither the doc nor the nurse told me anything I could do about the breathing. [I did forget to ask, yes, but it was three in the morning!] So, here I am. nothing's better. absolutely nothing.

My friend and I are starting to wonder if it's a case of "compression" or ... whatever the term would be, from *ahem* boobs. I have very large boobs. Like, I cup large. And I have zero bras that actually fit like they're "supposed to," but... I've been turned down for a reduction because I'm ~too fat~.

I don't know if this is something that would add to my case or not, but I really... honestly don't feel like fighting. I just want to be able to breathe. It's still going on. It's worse [WAY worse] when I lay down. It's even a bit worse as I'm sitting here at the computer. I'm lightheaded, I'm having trouble thinking [like... brain fog, almost?], concentration is shot... blah blah. and they said there was "nothing emergent" so I don't even know what would happen if I went back.

as an aside, anybody know of something I can do to help those bruises calm down? since they're on both sides it makes sleeping a tad difficult.

Anyway. Thank you for reading and a VERY big thank you to those who commented to my previous post.
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