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Can a hydrogen peroxide douche treat both BV and YI?

Hello VPers! I've been dealing with chronic BV since February and also had a really bad YI that lasted a few of months. The YI was finally treated with fluconazole (diflucan) but metronidazole (flagyl) hasn't been able to completely rid me of my BV. It always comes back a couple of days after the end of my period. I've had good luck treating it with hydrogen peroxide the last time but I'm wondering if it would also treat a YI? I ask because as what is now usual for me, a couple of days after the end of my period, I started getting the same burning feeling in my vagina and my labia is bright red as in the past with my BV infections. The one difference is that this time the discharge is more "creamy" and slightly gooey, which resembles more a YI. I also looked at my vagina with a mirror and I can see some slight discharges around the opening on the inside. Now I don't know if this might have something to do with my extra hot weather we've been having here this last 2 weeks or not.

I am being followed by a gynaecologist for my chronic BV issue but there is no chance of me being able to see him for 2 weeks. He did prescribed me flagystatin (metronidazole in a vaginal cream format) last time I saw him but I'm hesitant to use it since I'm not a 100% sure I have a BV this time and I know it's strong medication. I also have a package of fluconazole (diflucan) left but again I don't want to take without being sure since I'm afraid it might give me an infection.

So my question (and hope) is that does anyone where know if a hydrogen peroxide douche works for treating both BV and YI? If not, if I try to treat myself with plain yougurt but don't have a YI, will it causes the BV to get worse? Thank you!
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