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HBC causing clots/DVT + breathing difficulties

Hey, everyone -- I hope this is a suitable place for this post, since it relates directly to my birth control and all that, even though it's not about my girlybits.

On May 13th I switched from Microgestin FR 1.5/30 to Sprintec, the generic for Ortho Cyclen. Haven't missed a pill, and since I'm not taking it for contraception purposes I don't take it exactly at the same time on the dot, though I've never been "off" by more than ... three hours or so, I'd say.

Today, I started having breathing problems. I'm asthmatic, have been since I was small, and a] my inhaler's not doing much, and b] it doesn't "feel right" to be an asthma/allergy problem. It's not to the point of "gasping for breath can't get any air," but it's still pretty uncomfortable. [trust me, if it gets to that stage, we're packing up for the ER -- I know how bad it can turn, and how fast]

The seriously concerning part, though, is that my right calf started hurting this afternoon, as well. Like, it's in the area that most often cramps up, but it's not the knotty feeling of a cramp, or a burning feeling like when you exercise a bit too much [lactic acid burnoff, I think it is?], I can't... really describe it. It's a very deep, deep ache, with occasional stabbing pains to boot. It's only in one part, not the entire calf.

I know that none of you can diagnose me, blah blah, I'm just... wondering if anybody knows if this sounds like DVT. AND if it's possible I can wait till tomorrow, or even Monday if the breathing doesn't get any worse. I really hate the idea of going to the ER again, especially on a holiday weekend... but we will if it's necessary.

[one last thing that just popped into my mind: I had some bloodwork done a couple weeks ago, and my D-Dimer was elevated... dunno if that has any bearing, I'm pretty sure it does, but having never gone to medical school, I haven't a clue what it is.]

Thanks much in advance!

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