a DJ who lived in seclusion (knittinggoddess) wrote in vaginapagina,
a DJ who lived in seclusion

soap for labia

What kind of soap do you use for your labia? In order to cut down on UTIs, I started washing my vulva in January and haven't had a UTI since. I also clean my labia with water (and sometimes, glycerin-containing baby wipes) after sex, which is probably the biggest UTI prevention step besides peeing. However, I've had itching off and on since winter.

I've used Neutrogena bar face soap and Lever body soap at my house, and Clean and Clear face soap and Irish Spring at my boyfriend's. His soap is way more fragranced, it's true, but I haven't particularly noticed a pattern. I also recently switched detergents from Seventh Generation to BioKleen. Neither were unfragranced, but neither really smelled like much other than soap and the citrus extracts used to make them.

It seems like an allergy rather than an infection, because I just got tested and am STI-free. The nurse did a swab of my discharge and a visual check of my labia, and it doesn't look like a YI, either. My vagina itches slightly, but it's more of an issue with the labia, which are dry but not red, angry and cracked. The itch isn't continuous, and peaks at night. It's not pinworms; I know what THAT itch feels like. Also, my mons and just outside of my labia majora itch occasionally, like hair growing in even in areas where I don't shave.

So. What kind of soap do you use? Has anyone had success using non-soap methods of cleaning the labia, specifically in terms of not getting a UTI? Does this sound like anything other than an allergy?
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