Stufey (stufey) wrote in vaginapagina,

>Pregnancy question< for my friend.

SO my friend Just started having sex again and she and her partner have done it twice and they use the pull out method. (I'm trying to get her to use condoms, but she seems to want an illegitimate child with this guy who doesn't even like her that much).
She is having cramping, tender boobs and a headache, but she thinks she ovulated 3 days ago. And now she is telling me she thinks she is pregnant. How do I convince her that pregnancy symptoms don't start until a few weeks after you actually become pregnant?
She also seems to think that every time she has sex she becomes pregnant and looses it because she only weighs 117. She also was convinced she was pregnant a few months ago because she doesn't understand what evaporation lines are...

She is 25, I just don't know what I'm suppose to say to her.. I don't want to mother her, but I think she really needs to use some form of birth control/ protection..
Please Help!
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