Elle Marie (septicidal) wrote in vaginapagina,
Elle Marie

Will Nuvaring-related discharge ever die down?

I combed through the "Nuvaring" tag, but didn't see anything that addressed my particular question. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

I started using the Nuvaring a few weeks ago, and the vaginal discharge is ridiculous. Otherwise, I haven't really had any side effects - I had one day where I was super-weepy/emotional, and another where it felt like someone had been punching my ovaries, but nothing aside from that. The discharge is ridiculous; I know it's a normal side effect, but I've been overflowing pantiliners. And often feel like I'm leaking period-like amounts. It's just clearish and goopy - reminds me of modge-podge - with no real odor, so I'm sure it's not ring-induced BV or YI.

So far, I've tolerated the excessive discharge, but I'd love to know... Is there any hope of it lessening a bit after my body adjusts more to the ring?

I'm not really interested in switching to something else, since aside from the discharge I haven't really had any issues, and I would never remember to take a pill every day.
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