lucyelle (lucyelle) wrote in vaginapagina,

discharge and liners problem and question

hello all, :) 

I have discharge everyday - couldn't say if it's heavy as I have nothing to compare it too, but is is constantly around. It changes constantly too throughout my period going from clumpy, to gloopy, to clear, to white, to orangy/brown to smooth white - really quite odd. I hate it but have to put up with ut- I can do nothing else. I now wear panty liners every single day without fail infact feel uncomfortable without.

I was wondering if my discharge could possibly be an infection which is just worsened by me wearing liners everyday - creating heat etc. It sometimes does smell- this changes all the time and occasionally is itchy. Is there any home cures I could try which wouldn't do any harm if I don't have the infection.

I was also wondering if there are any liners  which are better for me like cotton versions. I would be quite intrested in re-usables but as I do alot ofdance, the fastening would show. Are there any underware types that have already thickened linings but still be breathable? This would make me not feel worried about leaking through the fabric.

Many thanks,
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