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Trying to eliminate a chronic yeast infection -- any extra hints?

I have had recurring UTIs and kidney infections for a year and a half, the antibiotics have just wrecked my system.  After my most recent kidney infection in March, I got a brutal yeast infection.  Tried OTC Monistat for 10 days, did not clear it up, went back and got diflucan from my doctor, worked like a charm!

.. two weeks later my period started and the yeasts were back!  OTC Vagistat didn't clear it up, so I went back, and my doctor put me on 10 days of 100 mg diflucan that time.  I cut back drastically on sweets and starches, took acidophilous and probiotic 2x daily.

... 30 days later, my PMS symptoms kick in, there are the yeasts again!!  Aaargh.  My doctor put me on 10 more days of 100 mg diflucan, and pointed me at resources for a strict yeast elimination diet (see below for details of it).  We did a culture to make sure it wasn't bacterial, or some strain of super-defiant yeast.  Nothing abnormal, including no indications of BV or diabetic issues.

Symptoms are very standard -- burning and itching internally and externally, with a white clumpy discharge if the infection progresses for a few days without relief.   But as time goes on, the burning just never seems to stop, and is worse each time, since the area just hasn't had time to recover from the last round.

I've been the yeast-elimination diet since 5/8.  I use 2 capsules of boric acid nightly as a suppository, or garlic cloves.

ETA emphasis: My partner and I always use condoms, always have, and my doctor doesn't feel that it's being passed back and forth between us based on dates I provided.  I will ask again, and get him some diflucan if the doctor feels it's warranted, but we did already cover that ground.  I've even thrown away my sex toys in case they harbor the dread yeast.

The pattern is classic that when my body chemistry shifts, the yeast explodes.  I take acidophilous 3x daily (1 billion organisms), and probiotic (AZO yeast) 3x daily, as well as other multivitamins to make up for the holes in the elimination diet.  Garlic supplements, and cranberry supplements (for those UTIs!).  I hesitate to use a lot of creams or apply yogurt externally, or use external lube with non-lubricated condoms because of the recurring UTI issue -- just what I don't need!

... my body shifted into PMS mode yesterday, here are the yeasts flaring up again!  I have 150 mg diflucan on a refill -- my doctor wanted me to have a few months to try to beat this with diet, without having to run to him every few weeks, which is great.  I'm surely about to take it, because nothing over the counter has touched my yeast infections before (I've asked my local drug store to consider stocking Gynelotrimin or its generic, they said they'd think about it).

This is just ridiculous, and hideous.  I feel like my nether regions have been on fire since March!  Looking at my diet, and what I'm doing, is there more that I could do?  I'm sure that 3 weeks just isn't enough time to starve the resident beasties through diet, but if anyone has some light for the end of my tunnel, I'd appreciate hearing it!

ETA: I do really appreciate the advice and suggestions!  As things get brought up I'm adding them to my growing list, or checking off the things I already looked into that I forgot to mention in my original post.  Thank you so much to everyone!

Elimination diet details
  • no gluten
  • no yeast or yeast products
  • no vinegar (which translates to no condiments)
  • no sugars or *ose products (some sources say Stevia and xylitol are okay, I'm trying to avoid it all)
  • jury is out on things like diet soda, most objections are that they are artificial, not that the sweeteners will feed the yeast, trying to avoid
  • no dairy products (except a serving of nonsweetened plain yogurt every day or two)
  • no products susceptible to molds (cheeses, nuts, teas, dried things, leftovers)
  • no mushrooms or other fungi
  • no malt products
  • no alcohol (including sugar alcohols)
  • no fruit
  • no processed foods/meats
  • no potatoes
The list keeps going.  The most important are no sugars/fruits, no gluten, no alcohol, no yeast or malt products.  
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