icangoforthat (icangoforthat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control and Blood Clot

Hi! I'm new, and I love this community.

So I started taking Ortho-Tri-Cylen Lo again, I am halfway through my second packet. Today I as I was showering a noticed a spider vein, so I started googling and reading the birth control instructions. So anyway long story short.

I started freaking out today, when my right leg, below the knee starts to feel weird, a sort of numbness, and I can't tell whether it is hot or not. So I start thinking it's a blood clot as I read from the birth control instructions, when I  found my spider vein.  When I walk it feels different from my other leg, there is no pain, just numbness and tingling, and like a pulled a muscle I guess you could say.

So I'm asking, Am I just freaking myself out? Could it be a blood clot? I am a non-smoker, 19 years old and I haven't been diagnosed with any diseases and I do cardio and yoga once a week. If that helps.
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