Demi (the_demiurges) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeastie wont go away? :(

Hello again everyone, more questions about this stupid yeastie.

How long are they supposed to last? Mine has been here since at least last thursday, silly thing is persistant. :( I've done the plain, sugarless yogurt, applied and eaten until we ran out... Ever since then I've just been eating regular fruit yogurt with the live cultures in it but it hasnt come anywhere near my vagina, no worries. And then I started with garlic and i did that four nights but it didn't seem to help much. I drank some garlic too, that was unpleasant. I also drank diluted apple cidar vinegar, that was REALLY gross. I took a bath with really diluted apple cider vinegar maybe three days ago and that was really nice, I'm about to do another one.

The reddening has gone down and the itching and dryness mostly stopped, but I've developed cheese discharge now and it just still looks so irritated. Is it time to switch to OTC medication? Is this normal and I'm freaking out for no reason? Is it a diet issue?

I just want the silly yeastie to go byebye now. :(
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