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Bump On Lower Part of Outer Labia

 Hi everyone,

I would just like to start off by apologizing for the blank journal and profile page. I moderate two large communities on my main journal, and I am really uncomfortable posting this sort of thing using it. I've been a long time lurker of this community, but I have never posted. I took a look through the tags and similar posts have a lot of broken images and the like, so I would rather ask. I definitely know you guys aren't here to diagnose anything, and I have a doctor's appointment mid-June but I am hoping you fine folks may be able to put my mind at ease.

So today, I noticed something on my lady bits. A bump on the lower part of my outer labia. I'm not sure if I am using the correct term, so I'm putting an image under a cut, with a circle indicating where the bump is:


The bump itself is about the size of a pea. I took a good look at it with a mirror and it looks like a large zit. I squeezed it (which probably wasn't a good idea, and I won't do again,) and some white pus came out, and then some blood, much like a zit would. It is also a little bit sore to the touch. It's not itchy, however, and it has been probably three weeks since I last shaved.

I've never had something like this, so it is making me nervous. I'm thinking something it may be, however, is I was playing baseball for three hours this afternoon in 26 degree weather (79, for my American friends,) and yes I was sweating a lot. I got home to find out that we had no hot water, so I couldn't comfortably shower. I know that not washing down there after sweating isn't so healthy before, but being pretty athletic and traveling for sports, I've had to go without for about the same amount of time and never had this happen.

I've been with the same guy for a year and a half. My last pap/STI test was about one year ago and I haven't been sexually active with anyone but him during our relationship. We also use condoms every time. He has also been tested in the past year and everything was fine. My next pap is due in about three weeks time, so I will be getting checked out soon. I also got the Gardasil vaccine about a year ago.

Does anyone have any insight as to what this could be? Is it most likely something caused from hair follicles not getting enough air? Does it sound like something that I should try to get into my doctor sooner about? I'd appreciate any comments. I'm having trouble sleeping because I'm worrying.

Thanks a lot in advance. 
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