notknowhow (notknowhow) wrote in vaginapagina,

lump next to urethral opening

Hi Everyone!

I have a bit of a lady parts issue going on...

I think i have the beginnings of a yeast infection so I was investigating down there with a mirror to assess the damage.

When I was down there i noticed a lump, slightly to the right and slightly anterior (clit-direction) of my urethral opening. This lump is slightly under the skin, and white, and hard to the touch, like a little pebble. There is no pain, or inflammation around that area. Slightly closer to my urethra is a tiny pock-mark that almost looks like a gland that I've never noticed before. On the other side, there seems to be a similar pock-mark, but with no lumpyness going on.

Is this some sort of gland? That might have a closed and painless abscess in it?
Could this be some sort of wart? I thought I was STI free, and i thought my man was too, but I know that HPV isn't really that well tested for.

I've added a picture, but it's pretty blurry:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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