Yolanda Lucinda :]] (yolandouche) wrote in vaginapagina,
Yolanda Lucinda :]]

Another Post About Spotting

I've been spotting for like the passed 3 days off and on, no pain or anything. Not enough to where it really sticks to a pantie liner but when I wipe sometimes there's blood. I had a doctor's appointment about 2 weeks ago where I had a pelvic exam and I also had my pap that came back normal not long before that, and they didn't really find anything scary or that I should be worried about. All they found was a tiny fibroid the size of 2 peas in my uterus that i've apparently had for a year, but my doctor said right off the bat that it's too small to feel any sort of symptoms at all or have any real problems because of it and he assured me not to worry about it, so i'm not. I'm not TERRIBLY concerned about the spotting, but given that my mom died of uterine sarcoma a couple of months ago, I get somewhat paranoid if anything abnormal happens in my lady parts.

I was just wondering what some of the reasons you ladies have had spotting? I'm not currently on birth control so that's not it. And I haven't had sex for 3 days, so that's not it either. This might sound weird, but could constipation cause it? I know there are tons of blood vessels down there, and maybe the pushing could cause spotting?

EDIT: Now i'm really starting to think that my spotting is being caused by stress.. i've been under crazy stress lately and really angry with my sister. And come to think of it, i've gotten spotting before because I was stressed. I think I was just putting too much thought into it BECAUSE of what happened to my mom. Anyone else get spotting because of stress??
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