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Nausea with ovulation.

This is my best guess - my body is super-sensitive to fluctuations in hormones. I'm often intensely nauseous the week before my period. This month, I am moving into ovulation and I'm nauseous again. I had a normal period that started May 11 and ended by May 16. I should be ovulating this week and, true to form, my discharge became clear and ropey today.

Does anyone else experience nausea alongside ovulation? What do you do about it? Is it anything to be concerned about? I admit it's been worrying me a little because, of course, whenever I start experiencing nausea (often several times a day), I think "morning sickness!" even though I just had a normal period and no condom mishaps and obviously I wouldn't be ovulating if I were pregnant.

I'm considering getting a Mirena IUD to reduce my nerves about contraceptive failures (right now, my boyfriend and I use condoms) and to regulate my hormone levels. I've had terrible times with oral contraceptives, but I'm hopeful that the low dose of local hormones in a Mirena will be tolerable and will make my nausea subside throughout my cycle and make my period cramps and bleeding more bearable.
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