unloveme (unloveme) wrote in vaginapagina,

I think I gave my boyfriend a yeast infection...

 My boyfriend and I have condomless sex - I am on the pill and we have both been tested for STDs, so that is not something I am concerned about.

On Thursday we had sex for the first time in 5 days because he had been out of town. The sex was painless initially, but toward the end I felt some irritation and later that night I was very sore and my vulva was burning. The next day we had sex and it was painful and itchy for me, and later on in the day he said that the head of his penis was inflamed and itchy. By the end of the day, I had full-blown yeast infection symptoms, and last night he came to me complaining that his penis was getting worse, felt extremely itchy, and very painful anytime he gets an erection.

Anyway... I looked it up and apparently uncircumcised men are a little more susceptible to getting them from sex, which makes sense because he is my first uncircumcised partner and I've never had an issue with it before.

I've always been able to clear up my infections using Monistat, and I saw online that men can use it too as a topical cream. My sister recommended Tinactin instead of Monistat, though. I suppose I was just wondering if anybody else has experience with this - what method did you use? I'm trying to decide if we should just head to the doctor together and get Diflucan, or if it can be cleared up with an OTC antifungal.
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