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I know it's not vag-related, but boobs are women-bits too, so I hope people don't mind me posting!

I have had large boobs since about a year after they started growing.
My weight was a little higher than it should be throughout my teens and early twenties, spiralling into my being very overweight when I had to go into a wheelchair, and my bipolar became totally uncontrolled and I binged, and couldn't do the exercise to work it off.

Anyway, my boobs are stupidly large, getting up to 44J (UK size - I think J is US N) last year. I know it's normal for one to be larger than the other, but I only knew that because I saw it on tv, mine were quite perfectly evenly sized and I'd had regular bra fittings.

So... I just went down four whole sizes in my waist - eight inches (which is fab!), so I went to get another bra fitting as my bra seemed a little spacious.
Well.. my left breast, it's pretty much perfect in 40J. Losing the weight meant I went down band size, which is why my bra seemed a little spacious.

My right breast...
Well now I'm having to wear nursing bras because they just don't make bras laege enough to fit me.
My right breast is cup L (UK size - I couldn't even find a UK - US converter that went that high).
It is 3 (there's JJ, K, L) cups larger than my left breast.
Now I have never had a size difference before, and although I've heard it's normal, is that kind of gap normal?

And... what on earth has made my breast grow so much? I just lost a TON of weight... I was really hoping my breasts would shrink a little too.

The lady who did the fitting said that this bra I have is pretty much the last stop on the bra line.
If I get any larger, there will be nothing I can wear.

I am hoping for a reduction anyway, for other medical issues (they are destroying my back, neck and shulders which are already in a severe condition due to my medical conditions), it's a matter of convincing the NHS to pay for it. I'm just so confused as to why they don't seem to stop growing, and rather upset about it.
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